Quick info on Rides for 2021 is below with Duration & Routing subject to change
Check back as the Itinerary will be continually updated as info comes in


10:00am-5:00pm —- Sign In(Hotel Lobby)

1:00pm – 3:00pm —- Paint and Sip with Emily (click link for more info)

7:00pm-10:00pm —- Meet and Greet (Free with Name Tag and Lanyard)


7:30 AM —- ADIRONDACK WILDLIFE REFUGE RIDE-Rescue, Rehab, Release(90 Miles One Way)

Ride Captain: Alice Fitzgerald & Tail Gunner: Joel Fitzgerald

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife rehabilitation center, whose main mission is to  rescue, rehab
and release sick, injured or otherwise debilitated wildlife.
Also they educate the public about the roles of wildlife in our natural world.
You will see and learn about wildlife ranging from gray wolves, to coyotes, fox, bobcats, black bear,
eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons.  
Five dollar donation request at the door.  
Website:  www.AdirondackWildlife.org  Also found on FB under name

8:00 am, —- High Falls Gorge & Whiteface Mt Ride- ($23 per person), Approx.200 miles, 7-8
hrs. total time,

Ride Captain: Roger Heim & Tail gunner: Deb Heim

Nametag/Lanyard, ticket required

This ride departs GEL and heads north to the scenic Whiteface Mountain Veteran’s Memorial Highway.
The ride ascends up the fifth largest mountain in New York State and was the host of the 1932 and 1980
Olympics, in Wilmington NY. At 4867 feet above sea level you will capture the amazing beauty of the
Adirondack Mts. On clear days, you will find the views just breathtaking. Lunch will be on your own.

8:15 am, —- Vermont North, info pending

Ride Captain:  Gary Sanders  &  Tail gunner:

Nametag/Lanyard required

The ride will follow roads going up the west side of Lake George. The route will cross the Lake Champlain Bridge, following Rt. 125, to Rt.22A. Finally proceeding onto Rt.4 and 149 back towards GEL.

8:30 am,—- Covered Bridge & Sugar Shack Scoot, approx.. 105 miles, 5 1/2 total time

Ride Captain: Gina Johnston & Tail Gunner:

Nametag/Lanyard Required

This ride will leave GEL and be a loop as we head towards Rt. 149 and VT. 30S to make our way to the Sugar Shack in Arlington, VT.  The Sugar Shack is located on the banks of the Roaring Branch River, and is part country store, part bakery and part Norman Rockwell exhibit.  We will spend 45-50 minutes browsing, shopping and enjoying a treat if you’d love to indulge yourself.The ride will head back west towards GEL, where we’ll stop at 2-3 covered bridges, including the Arlington Covered Bridge, where we will stop for a photo Op.

8:45 am, —- Long Lake Scoot(free)

Ride Captain:  Rick Wiles  &  Tail gunner:

Nametag/Lanyard required 

The Long Lake scoot is about 4 hour total time including a stop for rest, relief, and refuel as needed at about 1.5 hours. The ride will be through mountain roads and passes  lakes and rivers for all to enjoy.  Pending the blessing of Mother Nature, the foliage colors may be exceptional. This is a nice ride for all levels of riders. 

10:00am-5:00pm —– Sign In(Hotel Lobby)

5:00pm, —- Opening Ceremony


7:30 am,—– Vermont Country Store Ride- (Free), approx.. 135 miles, 5- 5.5 total time,

Ride Captain: Mike Lauro & Tail gunner: George Pearson

Nametag/Lanyard required
This ride departs from GEL, and heads east into Vermont. We will travel thru and around the lower
portion of the Green Mountains of Vermont. An hour into the ride we may stop for a 10-15 minute
break. We will arrive at the Vermont Country Store an hour after the break. The plan is to have about a
1 hour layover, so folks can explore the store. You can probably get a bite to eat, if you choose. Don’t
forget though, we will be ending this ride at Progressive MotorSports for a buffet lunch. We should be at
PMS around 1pm. There will be one additional stop about an hour after leaving the Country Store. You
will be able to fuel up and grab a donut or whatever, if you wish. It’ then on to Progressive MotorSports
from there…..

8 am, —–Kitchen Store/ Wood Shop/ Equinox Ride – ($20 per ONE Spyder/bike), 122 miles,6-6.5 hrs total time

Ride Captain: Ron Netzley & Tail gunner:

Nametag/Lanyard, ticket required

This ride departs GEL and enters into scenic VT and this year’s first stop is at The Kitchen Store
(A SpyderQuest Sponsor) located in Dorset, Vermont were the ladies will indulge themselves to
some shopping while the guys will get a tour of the wood shop where all of their wood products
are made. Don’t worry guys, you will get a chance to check out the store as we will be there 1
hour and the tour is 20 minutes. Also any large item purchased over $75 and can’t fit on the
bike, they will ship for free. From there you will depart and ride up the famous Mt Equinox.
There’s no better way to enjoy the splendor of the Green Mountain State and the surrounding
areas of New England than from the privately owned summit of Mount Equinox and the Skyline
Drive! At 3,848 feet above sea level, the summit offers breathtaking sunsets and panoramic
views of the Green, White, Adirondack, Berkshire and Taconic mountain ranges. On the way
back to Progressive Motorsports, we travel through a New York covered bridge and on to a free
Mt Equinox http://www.equinoxmountain.com/index.php
The kitchen Store https://www.jkadams.com/

9:15 am,—- Robin Netzley Memorial Ride

Ride Captain: Deb Heim  &  Tail gunner:  Terri Pohle

This ride is honor of Robin Netzley, the wife of our Spyderquest president Ron Netzley. We will honor her with a short scoot prior to having lunch at Progressive Motorsports. This will be a short 3 hour scoot starting at Great Escape Lodge and riding up to Howes Landing and then moving over to Schroon Lake where we will take a short break. We will then head over to Progressive Motorsports has generously donated a delicious lunch! Buttons will be available to purchase for this ride, with funds being raised to support Make a Wish in Robin’s memory.

9:30 am,—- Brant Lake Loop Scoot- Free, approx. 90 miles, 2.5 hours

Ride Captain: Gina Johnston & Tail gunner:

This ride is Approximately 90 miles 2.5 hours we will wind north on RT9N along Lake George hang a left
on Rt 8 heading west past Brant Lake & Loon Lake to Wevertown where we will head south back to GEL.
Only a short ride on the interstate to avoid traffic in Lake George. This is a nice ride at a slow pace to
enjoy some of the Adirondack scenery. 

9:45 am,—- 9/11 Memorial Ride- (Free), Approx. 90 miles, 2-3 hrs. total time,

Ride Captain: Bob Raymond

This ride departs from GEL. Everyone knows the significance of 9-11, but it especially means a lot to us
here in NY where many of us knew someone that perished on that tragic day. A very short ride south to

Saratoga, where there is a memorial to one of the greatest tragedies ever to occur on American soil. We
will be riding to the World Trade Center Memorial in Saratoga Springs to take a few moments to reflect,
viewing a sculpture designed from the actual steel from the Twin Towers. There is no doubt that when
you visit this memorial, you can feel the courage and resolve of those called to duty on that fateful day.

10:00am-5:00pm —- Sign In(Hotel Lobby)

12:00pm – 3:00pm —- Progressive Motorsports Lunch(Free with Registration)

5:00pm —– Hawaiian “Luau”(Doors Open at 5:00pm Food Served at 6:00pm)

Please join us for a fun Tropical Tiki Night! Please join us for a tropical themed night filled with delicious food, music from the islands, and even get to dance and compete in a hula skirt contest! Coconut Bra’s and hula skirts will be provided! You might even get to see some of your SpyderQuest committee members swing their hips and show some of their best moves in a hula dance!! Non-alcohol punch included, cash bar will be open. Price is 30.00 per person. Hope to see you there!!


7:30 am,—- Charlotte/Essex Ferry

Ride Captain:  Ron Netzley

Nametag/Lanyard required

A first for SpyderQuest, an untethered ferry crossing from Charlotte Vermont into Essex, NY and leave GEL promptly at 7:30. Ride meeting at 7:15. We have a ferry to catch!  Come with a full tank and a snack.

 This ride departs GEL and enters into scenic VT through its valleys’ north to Charlotte. Ounce at the ferry crossing, everyone will pay their fee. Leave your trailer at GEL, as there is an extra fee for them. When onboard, bathrooms are available to use. When you get settled in,  grab you camera to get some great pictures of both the Adirondacks and White Mountains, and don’t forget the group shot. Bring a snack, good time to eat as there will be no food stops. This portion of the ride is 84 miles. Once departing the ferry which is about 25 minutes, we will ride 22S-9N, then briefly going on the Northway 

bypassing Lake George and back to GEL. This portion after the ferry crossing is 83 miles, 187 miles total, FYI- when I scout the ride, I will be looking for a gas stop somewhere during the ride. 6 hour ride time.

7:45 am —- Adirondack Museum- $20/per, lunch on your own, 170 miles, 7 hrs. total time,

Ride Captain: Carl Cangialosi & Tail gunner: Val Cangialosi

Nametag/Lanyard, tickets required
Are you ready to experience a trip of beautiful scenery and the love of motorcycle riding all in
one?? Then please join us as we travel from the host hotel to the beautiful and historic
Adirondack Museum!
This beautiful Museum is located in Blue Mt. Lake, only about an Hr. drive From Lake George.
It features 22 modern exhibits, galleries, and historic buildings! These exhibitions tour the
unique story of the Adirondacks and its people. You will explore topics ranging from boating to

8:00 am, —- Fort Ticonderoga & Mt. Defiance- $18 per person, approx. 100 miles, 7 hrs. Total

Ride Captain: Roger Heim & Tail gunner: George Pearson

Nametag/Lanyard, ticket required
The ride travels on I87 to avoid Lake George, but then will turn east and get onto 9N. The layover at the
fort will be 2-3 hours. Travel back to G.E.L. will be via Rt.22A & Rt.4.

Pricing includes the Tour of the Fort and the ride up to the Mount Defiance overlook
Link to site: http://www.fortticonderoga.org/

8:15 am, —- Fort Crown Point, info pending

9:30/10:00 am, Saturday—- Lake Sacandaga /BBQ Scoot- $6 per person, Approx. 100miles, 3-4 hrs.

Ride Captain: ______ & Tail gunner: TBD

Nametag/Lanyard required
This tour, as the name implies, is a trip around the Great Sacandaga Lake. The lake is actually a reservoir
that was built to alleviate flooding in the Albany area. It is said, there was a railroad and a train that
were left when the water level rose upon completion of the lake’s dam. At just under 100 miles, this will
be a short, yet scenic ride through the southern end of the Adirondack Mountains. Enjoy the scenic
views of Sacandaga Lake as we ride along both the northern and southern shores.

5:00pm, —- Closing Ceremony/Dinner/Farkle Bingo(Great Escape Pavilion)


How we run our rides.

We use a Ride Captains, who will lead the ride and we use a tail gunner to help keep the ride together. Watch the video below to see what we need you to do. We have been doing this for many years and as long as everyone does their part the rides go flawlessly.